A message about our Deluxe+ docks

There has not been any recall of our Deluxe+ docks and we continue to sell those goods made prior to June 23, 2022.

The recent statements from the Consumer Product Safety Commission are rooted in the position that, in the United States, only five categories of products should ever be used for infant sleep—cribs, cradles, bassinets, play yards or bedside sleepers. We do not promote the Deluxe+ dock for sleep and have not done so for at least two years.  Prior to the new CPSC ruling we chose to focus our efforts on alternative products and chose to no longer make the Deluxe+ dock for the US market rather than redesign it as a bassinet prior to any notice from the CPSC.  The Deluxe+ docks we have sold and continue to sell in the US are limited to those made before the rule that all products must have bassinet features, such as legs, went into effect. 

While the Deluxe+ dock has not been offered for sleep for two years, we stand behind the safety of the Deluxe+ dock and the numerous benefits that over one million families around the world have gotten out of its proper use.  For more information about the proper use of the Deluxe+ dock, please see our Dock Safety Tips.

We will continue to honor our existing return policy on all Deluxe+ docks and hope that the confusion created by media stories surrounding sleep products does not leave parents with less options for awake time needs like those our Deluxe+ dock serves. 

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